• What is Miles App?

    The Miles App System is a web based tool and mobile application that connects Users seeking help for moving larger items short distances with those Drivers that have available larger vehicles that would like to offer help.

  • Is Miles App a transportation carrier?

    No, Miles App is not a transportation carrier, logistics provider, or transportation system. Miles App provides the tools needed for a Driver using the Miles App System to offer help.

    The Driver has sole discretion to decide if he wishes to offer his services to each and any User request.

    The User has sole discretion if they do want to accept the offered help.

  • Does the Customer have to book the truck once he/she has filled in the requirements?

    No, the User will get an estimate of the cost before he/she places the order. The User also has complete discretion to accept or decline the quoted price for this service provided through the Miles App System before the order is booked. An approximate charge is shown on the App for the User before accepting the move and requesting the Driver. A final charge amount is given to the User on the App at the time of confirming the move and on payment of the same, the booking is confirmed.

  • How are the charges calculated in Miles App?

    Charges are calculated by type / size of vehicle and miles of the trip. These variables may be different in each region and vary with market conditions.

    When booking through Miles App as a User, you agree that all approved charges are due at time of confirmation of the item(s) move as well as any tolls, fees or taxes as set forth in your city / state.

    All pricing will be determined by Miles App in its sole discretion. Miles App reserves the right to change pricing and administration percentages at any time without notice.

  • How the charges work?

    The minimum charge is $31 and the actual charge depends upon the type / size of vehicle and miles of the trip.

  • How are the payments facilitated?

    All Charges are facilitated through a third-party payment processing service (Braintree, a division of PayPal, Inc.).

    Miles App reserves the right to replace third-party payment processing services without notice. Cash payments are strictly prohibited.

    As a User, you agree that all approved charges are due at time of confirmation of the item(s) move as well as any tolls, fees or taxes as set forth in your city / state.

  • Is there any Cancellation Fee?

    Yes, there is a Cancellation Fee. In the event that a User cancels a request for services on the Miles App System when the driver is at the origin location, this User agrees to pay a "Cancellation Fee" of $10.00.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    All payments made are non-refundable. The full amount of the Charge is charged immediately following confirmation of the requested move to the User's authorized credit. Our no-refund policy applies at all times.

  • How do you ensure security of my goods?

    Miles App drivers have been vetted and qualified and drive pickup trucks that are owned and insured by the named driver.

    Each driver must pass a multi-point qualification, which includes a background check, driving record review, insurance, truck suitability, and other factors.

    At the pickup location, the Driver inspects and photographs all items to be moved to record any current imperfections or preexisting damage.

    At the delivery destination, the Driver again inspects and photographs all items to record the items conditions.

    This unique added security measure helps users and drivers avoid any misunderstanding. The photographs submitted by the driver will be the major records of reference. The Driver will note, photograph and describe the alleged damages and immediately notify Miles App.

  • Do you have an insurance policy?

    Yes, we have a comprehensive insurance policy that covers Customers and Drivers

    1. Replacement Value

      Items are insured for replacement value up to $20,000 and any value over this amount is considered exceptional value.

    2. Excess Liability

      The policy offers excess liability protection over a Driver's existing insurance while such Driver is transporting the personal items of a User on a trip arranged through the Miles App System.

    3. Policy Coverage Limited to Liability

      The policy coverage is limited to liability only and does not provide coverage for collision, comprehensive or wear and tear damage to a Driver's vehicle. As with any insurance policy, additional insurance terms, requirements, limitations, and exclusions apply.

    4. Per-Incident Coverage

      Miles App is required to maintain an insurance policy providing a minimum of $500,000 (five hundred thousand dollars) per-incident coverage for incidents involving vehicles and Drivers while they are using the Miles App System.

  • How much does it cost to rent a moving truck?

    Renting a moving truck with Miles App ensures you pay the fixed cost shown to you and no extra charges. The cost for a pickup truck rental in Texas with Miles App is a sum of two components - base price and distance price and depends on the type of truck you hire from Miles App. For example, if you book an SUV, you simply pay $31 as the base price and $1.30 as the distance price. The distance price would be $1.30 x Number of Miles Traveled.

  • When with Miles App I hire a truck in Texas, do I drive it myself?

    With Miles App, you get your pickup truck with the driver. Our experienced driver with his well-maintained truck also helps you load and unload your items.

  • Do you offer any helper to load and unload the item?

    Yes. While submitting your on-demand delivery request, you can opt for a helper. You will be charged $40 additional for the service. Our driver will manage the helper for you.

  • How do I rent a pickup truck from Miles App?

    Booking a pickup truck on Miles App is as easy as 4 simple taps on your phone. Download Miles App and select your pickup point and destination location addresses. Select your pick-up vehicle, check the availability of driver, and make a payment (if you find one) and get started. You can add a helper if you wish (optional).

  • What are the advantages of pickup truck rental?

    Pickup truck rental with Miles App enables you to move furniture, appliances, inventory, new purchased items, estate sales good, groceries, home renovation items and all such items that you can't move with your car. The icing on the cake is instant delivery and availability of experienced drivers and helpers.

  • What kind of insurance policy must the Driver maintain?

    The Miles App Driver shall at all time maintain a valid insurance policy of liability and you are a named driver on this policy.

    Policy requirements are a minimum of:

    • At least $300,000 per person "bodily injury"
    • At least $300,000 per accident "bodily injury"
    • At least $100,000 per accident "property damage" or $300,000 "bodily injury" and "property damage" combined single limit.
  • Are there items that cannot be transported in Miles App vehicles?

    Yes, there are some specific prohibitions in using Miles App for transportation. They are as follows:

    • ABSOLUTELY NO CARRIAGE OF ANY PERSON in pickup cab or bed for any distance or reason ever
    • ABSOLUTELY NO CARRIAGE OF ANY ANIMAL in pickup cab or bed for any distance or reason ever
    • No articles of exceptional value (antiques, fine art, jewels/jewelry, gold or other precious metals)
    • NO Hazardous Materials as fully defined by FMCSA Hazardous Materials Regulations. These includes explosives, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, poisonous or infectious substances, radioactive material, corrosives and other such explosive and inflammable materials.
  • How much can a Driver earn from Miles App?

    You can earn up to $95.98 per hour by being a Driver on Demand with Miles App. Miles App arranges and adjusts pricing to account for adjusting market conditions.

    Miles App takes an administration fee of 50% from the total charge per move.

    This fee covers the payment processing, cargo insurance fees and all overhead costs. The Driver receives all remaining amounts as well as 100% of tips provided by the Customer for the service.

  • How much does a Driver have to pay as Incidental Funds?

    An incidental fund of $15 is deducted from the Driver's weekly payout. In other words, the earnings you have made over the week are paid out in a weekly payout, after deducting $15 as incidental fund.

    Once the Driver reaches the threshold limit of $2,000 in incidental funds in the Driver's account, the $15 weekly deduction stops.