Why Choose Miles App Over Other Moving Truck Rentals

June 20, 2018 | Moving Trucks

Renting a truck and moving your items from one location to the other has never been this easy. Miles App - the popular truck moving app – has made truck rental service easily accessible to people who need it and when they need it. This user-friendly Android and iOS app allows users to rent a truck from anywhere anytime in Texas.

This truck rental app currently serves Dallas and Fort Worth areas and is likely to expand its services in Austin, Amarillo, Houston and San Antonio. The hallmark of Miles App is Professionalism, Reliability and Integrity.

If you stay in Texas, you can use its services to move your home, household items any, newly purchased goods, inventory or anything else from one place to another effortlessly. Let’s see why you should choose Miles App over moving truck companies that have been in existence for years.

1. On-Demand Truck Rental Service

No waiting. The very moment you submit your “rent a truck” request on Miles App, it connects to the driver who is available nearest to you. You get a truck or vehicle instantly. In addition, there is a scheduling feature that allows you to schedule your move as per your convenience.

2. Don’t Know How to Drive a Truck – No Worries

If you don’t know how to drive a truck or the vehicle you shouldn’t worry at all because Miles App provisions you a truck accompanied by a skilled and certified driver. This is a big advantage as a truck rental agency generally provides a truck, and the person hiring the truck is required to drive the truck and then return it to the agency.

 3. Loading/Unloading of Goods – Miles App Driver’s Does it

Forget the tension of loading and unloading your stuff yourself. The Miles App driver will help you with loading and unloading with a smile. Driver at Miles App take complete responsibility for your items to let you have a hassle-free moving experience.

4. Your Goods are in Safe Hand

The Miles App drivers have to qualify through stringent tests for driving and necessary certification. They are legally authorized to work in the US and need to have a valid driving license. They have to undergo a background check and pass an alcohol and drug screening. Their auto insurance must be in an active state while they work with Miles App.

The vehicle owned by the driver must comply with all the industry standards as well as norms of state department of motor vehicles.

5. Choose the Right Vehicle Size

You have the flexibility to choose from the list of vehicles – SUV, Pick-up Truck, Plus Trailer, or Box Truck. Keeping in mind the volume of your items opt for the right vehicle. Intelligent selection not just helps you save on freight charges but also is an environment-friendly step. Take a look at the freight charges based on the type of vehicle.

moving truck rental

Remember, heavy vehicle will consume more fuel than the lighter or smaller one. So go with a budget truck rental that is enough for your need.

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