Truck Rental App Makes Driving a Respectful and Rewarding Career

August 21, 2018 | Truck Rental App

From the groceries and vegetables we consume to the books our kids read – all items, some or at other points from their production to consumption make their way through truck moving service. Irrespective of their hard work and risks they endure, truck drivers struggle with their career.

Thanks to mobility! It’s striving to make a difference not just to their lives but also to the general perception of the public about them. See how a truck rental app helps drivers to lead a better life.

1. Offers Flexibility to Define Work Schedule

It might sound impossible to many, but with a truck booking app like Miles App, you as a driver can define your work schedule. If you want to spend your evening hours with your kid in the park, Miles App will be happy to see you doing so. Maintain a perfect work-life balance and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

2. Ensures Availability of More Booking Requests

You don’t have to worry about getting booking requests as Miles focuses high on its customer acquisition strategy through all means. It resorts to ATL (above the line) and BTL (below the line) both forms of marketing to reach out to the target audience who are looking for pickup delivery on the same day or on a later day.

3. Offers Fair Compensation

Whatever you possess, whether it’s an SUV, a pickup, box truck or a truck plus trailer, Miles App welcomes it, provided its auto insurance is active, and you have got a valid license to drive it in the US. The base price and distance price vary for each vehicle type as shown below (for customers).

The truck rental agency discloses what percentage you will get out of the fare paid by the customer once you get registered with it. In addition to the fare, you keep 100% of the tips you receive.

4. Reduces Conflicts

Customers and drivers stay on the same page regarding the truck rental from the very beginning when the booking is accepted. The payment is upfront, and so drivers are free once they have unloaded the items on the requested address.

Its photo-sharing feature is unique. Customers need to upload the image of the things they want to move, and drivers conclude the job after uploading the image of the loaded truck using the app. So a record stays with Miles regarding the service offered and the items shipped.

5. Keeps Business Transparent

Drivers can focus on the road and be driving without distractions. Unlike past, they don’t get overwhelmed by calls from customers regarding the delivery status. Customers can stay informed of their goods delivery over the on-demand delivery service app. Miles App bridges customers and drivers in a reliable environment.

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