Truck Driving is a Paying Career

February 23, 2018 | Truck Drivers

Undeniably, having a stable career in today’s uncertain economy is really challenging. We all wish for a career that is satiating, secure and well paying. Being a pickup truck rental driver, you know the ups and downs of what you do. The income might fluctuate but the spending remains constant. There are regular expenses like house rent, grocery expenses, tuition fee for your kids, insurance premium and others that you can’t control.
There are many moving truck rental companies in and around Dallas-Fort Worth to work with; however, joining Miles App has its own advantage. 

After uploading goods on the truck, the driver inspects and photographs all items to record any current imperfection or preexisting damage. At the time of delivery, the driver again inspects and photographs all items to records the condition of the items.  This unique feature helps users and drivers avoid any misunderstanding and issues. The photographs by the driver are treated as the major record of reference. If there is any damage, the driver will immediately notify Miles App with notes and photographs.  

Customers booking a moving truck rental with Miles App enjoy a replacement value up to $20,000. This trust factor contributes to your earning as customers want the safety of what they ship. Moreover, they can schedule the freight. You come to know in advance that where you have to go the very next hour, day or week. Thus, you can maintain a work-life balance and give more time to your family.

Driver registration is really simple. Sign up on the Miles App after downloading it from Google Play or App Store or on the Miles App website, upload documents, and start driving. Here, you are your own boss, as you need not sign any contract bounding you for years to drive or pay any security deposit.

Earning $95.98 per hour in the truck driving job is a high pay rate as per the industry standards and Miles App makes it possible. If you own a SUV, small truck, medium truck, large truck, trailer or box truck in the DFW area with an active auto insurance, a valid driving license, and you have got a legal permit to work in the US, then you are no far away to earn great extra cash by working when you want.

Who does not like tips and incentives? You can earn 100% of the tips that you receive while driving. So, instead of just spending on your vehicle repair, maintenance and loan payment, earn a great return on your vehicle. 
If you think that truck driving is an ideal career for you then Miles App is the app you need to earn extra cash on your terms.

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