Job Opportunities for Truck Driving Professionals in Phoenix and Atlanta

June 29, 2018 | Truck Drivers

Is driving your passion and you love to enjoy a mile's drive alone or with friends?
Life is beautiful. You are doing what you love – driving. Like everyone, you also wish that you could get into a career where you can do something that makes you happy and satisfied.

Here is an idea for you. What if you get an opportunity in truck driving?
If you are a local driver in Phoenix (Arizona) and Atlanta (Georgia), then Miles App has a rewarding career opportunity for you. Miles App is a reliable Delivery-on-Demand moving trucks rental service, which offers truck drivers the opportunity to make great extra cash by working when they want. The whole idea behind offering the flexibility to set your schedules is to ensure that you need not sacrifice your regular income and work-life balance.

The truck-driving job is the steadiest job as long as consumers continue to purchase merchandise and need drivers to transport the goods to their places. With Miles App, you not only enjoy flexible working hours but also earn high-income.

As per the industry standards, it is among the highest truck rental company where truck drivers working locally can earn up to $95.98 per hour. Unlike other truck rental companies, here the driver can get an idea about his earning while he is driving with the miles traveled showing on his screens i.e everything is kept transparent, nothing is hidden. The base-fare and fare per mile is disclosed to the driver at the time of joining. This not only reduces the future complications but also keeps the drivers informed about their earning.

We help you relive your passion and transform the way you work. We offer you flexible working hours so that you can devote more time to your family and can lead a happy, stress-free life. If you really love to drive and wish to make a career in driving then look no further, sign up online on the website, and download Android or iOS Miles App to get started.

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