How Miles App Helps Drivers Maintain Work-Life Balance and Earn Higher Wages

June 20, 2018 | Truck Drivers

Everyone has the right to live a quality life; drivers are no exception to it. Of the many a thing that is thought of in the context of leading a quality life – work-life balance is something that can’t be overlooked.

Truck driving is a herculean job. A driver has to deal not just with his or her client’s requirements, but also ensure security of the goods, and brave inclement weather.

The nature of truck driving jobs available with Miles App is focused on alleviating their challenges helping them achieve the work-life balance.

Why Work-Life Balance is a Must

Work is worship – but overworking to the point of stress and fatigue causes harm to your body and takes away the essence of life and relationship. It substantially affects your family life too as your loved ones miss your presence.

How Miles App Makes a Difference

Miles App keeps in sharp focus the interests and comfort level of the drivers who are the lifeblood of the Miles App system. Drivers can schedule their availability for the pickup requests. The flexibility helps them continue with Miles App while managing a full-time driving job and devote time to their family. However, they can also adopt their moving truck driver jobs on a full-time basis.

Drivers can make the best of their investment on vehicle by working with Miles App. The truck moving service provider accepts driving requests from owners having an SUV, Pickup Truck, Plus Trailer and Box Truck.

Wondering about earning with Miles App? Well, drivers can earn up to $95.98 Per Hour + 100% of the Tips. Their compensation varies based on the vehicle they own and drive with Miles App. This is among the highest earnings as per industry standards.

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Thus, a truck rental driver with Miles App can earn up to three times of what a worker makes in majority of the US states.

Who Can Benefit from Miles App

Miles App presents a rewarding means of income for people in Dallas and Fort-Worth areas who are on hunt of local truck driving jobs.  The applicants are required to fulfil the basic eligibility criteria of Miles App, which is:

  • You are at least 21 of age
  • You are legally able to work in the US
  • You can pass a background check
  • You can pass a alcohol and drug screening
  • You can lift 50 lbs up 3 flights of stairs
  • You have a valid Driver's License
  • You have auto insurance

Shortly, the on-demand truck rental service provider is expected to make its app-based service available in Dallas, Houston and Fort Worth.

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