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Fulfill your financials goals while driving cars and trucks in your free time

September 27, 2018
Money is a never ending tale. No amount of money is ever less money, and if you are one of those who keep looking for multiple sources of income so that you can build your financial backup, then your search gets over now.  Miles provides opportunities to all those who love to drive an..

Job Opportunities for Truck Driving Professionals in Phoenix and Atlanta

June 29, 2018
Is driving your passion and you love to enjoy a mile's drive alone or with friends? Life is beautiful. You are doing what you love – driving. Like everyone, you also wish that you could get into a career where you can do something that makes you happy and satisfied. Here is an ide..

Miles App Drivers Can Offer a Helper

May 18, 2018
Good news for drivers working with Miles App! Wondering how to manage heavy lifting in your pickups? Miles App is now offering an additional service to customer where they can choose to hire a helper with their truck moving service request. Drivers can pick a helper of their choice once the ..

How to Maintain Your Pickup Truck

June 20, 2018
Your pickup truck is an earning member of your family and, hence, it deserves your attention. Any ignorance could lead to unexpected mechanical or technical failures leaving you bereft. And, if the ignorance becomes a habit, the consequences could be more daunting. What if you are caught in ..

How Miles App Helps Drivers Maintain Work-Life Balance and Earn Higher Wages

June 20, 2018
Everyone has the right to live a quality life; drivers are no exception to it. Of the many a thing that is thought of in the context of leading a quality life – work-life balance is something that can’t be overlooked. Truck driving is a herculean job. A driver has to deal not j..

4 Ways to Earn More from Your Pickup Truck / Van / SUV

June 21, 2018
America needs truck drivers. And truck driving jobs can be very demanding. Long hours on the road and tight delivery deadlines - the challenges are many and multi-fold, although the pay rates are good, and so are the benefit packages. The battle thus continues regarding work-life balance and ha..

Truck Driving is a Paying Career

February 23, 2018
Undeniably, having a stable career in today’s uncertain economy is really challenging. We all wish for a career that is satiating, secure and well paying. Being a pickup truck rental driver, you know the ups and downs of what you do. The income might fluctuate but the spending remains con..

How Rental Truck Drivers Can Earn up to $95.98 Per Hour

February 22, 2018
Earning $95.98 Per Hour in the delivery business is a very handsome return indeed. By industry standards it is among the highest that truck drivers working locally can earn with their vehicles. Sounds surprising? Well, it may, but now it is all set to be a reality with Miles App. For truck driv..

4 Benefits for Truck Drivers in a Part-Time Job

June 21, 2018
Everyone wants to have a heavier wallet! If you are a local truck driver in Frisco, The Colony, Denton County, Texas, spare two minutes to discover the four untold benefits of a part-time driving job because you are just a signup away from it. Unmatched Flexibility An extra income, bonu..