5 Things to Look for While Hiring a Pickup Truck

July 26, 2018 | Moving Trucks

Usually, we become content by submitting a rental truck request on a website or app.

Little attention we pay at things that define customer experience –characterized by timeliness and safety of delivery, and many more factors. We realize our mistakes later when something goes wrong, or when we fail to achieve the purpose, but there is no sense in crying over spilt milk. Here are top things to look for while hiring a pickup truck.

1.    Truck Capacity

Do an initial homework to understand how much space the shipment will take. This saves time and money, not just yours but also of the moving company you are going to hire. When there are multiple items, the early assessment becomes more important. This helps you book a truck with the desired capacity.

2.    Truck Condition

The condition of the truck matters a lot for timely and safe delivery. What if there is a break-down - the tires of your truck go inflated or the engine stops working or something unpleasant? The situations put not just the drivers in problems but also the customers. To avoid any disappointing experience, you should be alert. Ask about the condition of the truck before you hire it.

3.    Driver’s Ratings

Eventually, how good a rental truck company depends on how good its drivers and supporting staff are. Most of the truck rental companies practice the habit of sharing the customer reviews or ratings about their drivers when customers book a truck with their app or website. If your truck booking company provides the information, it would be of great help to you in choosing the driver with a healthy rating.

4.    Helper’s Availability

If you don’t want to avoid the hassles of loading or unloading, then, obviously, you should look for a truck rental agency that can provide you a helper. Miles App makes the moving convenient by helping customers to add a helper while booking a truck. The charge of a helper is $40 and it’s added to the truck fare.

5.    Past Customer Experience Quality

In the connected world, it wouldn’t take much time to assess what customers think about a company. Check reviews on Google, TrustPilot, social media, and other portals. The reviews speak of the experience of the customers. Check reviews on trusted sites only as some companies often take help of digital marketing agencies to create fake reviews in their favor.

At Miles App, we learn and evolve. If you think there are more things that can contribute to a smooth delivery, please drop your comments. This will also help other readers.

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